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Cincinnati, January 20, 2024

Hi Friend,

Here are some fun ideas to make family movie night a hit!


Design an invitation (for inspiration, check out how one mom used a simple poster board taped to the bedroom door). You might even create movie passes!

Concession Stand Tickets

Cheryl at moms & munchkins shares concession stand tickets and has a cool idea for how to use them:

At the beginning of the week, you could let your kids know that there will be a family movie night happening this week. They will have the opportunity to win tickets for the concession stand. How do they win the tickets? That’s up to you! Some ideas are to earn tickets by doing something kind for someone else, tickets for an accomplishment (in school, in sports, etc.)...

Homemade Drive-In Theater Cars

Turn your living room into a drive-in theater! Make adorable cardboard cars for kids to sit in while watching a flick. Stacy at Not Just a Housewife shows you how.

Party Popcorn

This candy popcorn recipe sounds (and looks) delish! All you need: popcorn, melted white candy melts, and sprinkles. From Amy’s at she wears many hats.

Review Cards

Afterwards, when the lights go up, your kids might fill out review cards like the one below (which encourages writing!):


We'll talk more about after the movie discussion next week!

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