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Cincinnati, July 15, 2023

Hi Friend,

Here are some tips for ready poetry out loud to your kids.

Before reading poetry aloud:

  • Get to know the poem. Read it to yourself a few times.
  • Look up unfamiliar terms.
  • Practice hard-to-pronounce words so you won’t stumble over them.
  • Notice if the poem is from the perspective of a character. If so, choose a voice that will convey that character: high or low, young or old, gruff or kind, serious or silly, etc.

When reading aloud:

  • Relax. Most poetry is conversational. No need, usually, to be formal.
  • Read slowly and clearly. Sometimes a humorous poem might need more speed but even then make sure to enunciate and don’t rush the punchline.
  • Don’t give every word the same emphasis. Provide a little extra “punch” here and there.
  • Only pause when there is punctuation, as you would when reading prose.
  • Read with emotion but don’t overdo it. Let the words do the work.

Looking for poetry books to read aloud from?

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