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Welcome to "Tea with Julie," a weekly missive by me, Julie Bogart. My wish is to give you food for thought over a cup of tea to enhance your life as an educator, parent, and awesome adult. Glad you're here. Pinkies up!
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Cincinnati, August 28, 2021

Hi Friend,

Many of you have little ones (or know someone who does!). The next series is great for the new homeschooler or the parent of the littlest among us.

The theme is: "Writing with the Younger Set."

We're going to look at how to help your children discover the writer within! You'll get tips, tricks, and ideas for how to encourage your children to play with language and to discover the authors they already are!


  • What about Those Short Writers?
  • Avoid Damaging Young Writers
  • Let Me Jot That Down
  • Catch Your Child in the Act of Thinking
  • Should You Teach Formats to Young Children?
  • Learning through Play

Thanks for your lovely notes in response to the Tea with Julie newsletter. I am honored that you write to me. I have been swamped by them, honestly, so please accept this note as a thank you. I read EVERY word.

If you are looking for a way to encourage a love of writing with this set using one of our programs, be sure to take a look at Jot it Down! That's the one everyone raves about.





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