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Cincinnati, December 4, 2021

Hi Friend,

No matter how close you were to your littles and middlers, there's no guarantee that you'll have the same ease or connection to your teens. It takes some effort to shift gears as these burgeoning adults, over-grown kids take the stage.

In our next Tea with Julie series, we're going to look at how to create a great environment for your teens—we'll look at how to work with your teens so that you get the maximum sense of connection and support between you, how to encourage depth in their educations, and what to do about academic writing.

Happy to hear your questions for this upcoming series as well (simply click "reply all" and I'll incorporate them into the upcoming emails).


  • 5 Keys to Working with Teens
  • Saturation and Incubation
  • The Rhetorical Imagination
  • Why Academic Writing Doesn't Come Naturally
  • Top 10 Things to Have Done by End of High School

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