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Welcome to "Tea with Julie," a weekly missive by me, Julie Bogart. My wish is to give you food for thought over a cup of tea to enhance your life as an educator, parent, and awesome adult. Glad you're here. Pinkies up!
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Cincinnati, August 27, 2022

Hi Friend,

Do you wish your kids would do what they should because they feel internally driven to do so?

Yeah, I thought so.

In the next series, we're going to look at what kind of parenting leads to growing kids who take responsibility for their lives: whether personal passions or education or tasks.

We'll look at this topic for five weeks! Be sure to flag these emails as they come in.


  • Shifting Responsibility
  • Suit Responsibility to Capacity
  • Action or Attitude
  • The Peril of Trusting Your Child
  • Teach Self Awareness

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I appreciate you!





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