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Welcome to "Tea with Julie," a weekly missive by me, Julie Bogart. My wish is to give you food for thought over a cup of tea to enhance your life as an educator, parent, and awesome adult. Glad you're here. Pinkies up!
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Cincinnati, July 2, 2022

Hi Friend,

Happy July to you!

Whether you homeschool or not, keeping your kids busy in meaningful ways is at the top of everyone's mind. Parents want kids to "behave," or to "not make a mess," or to "entertain themselves."

Kids want to have fun!

Can we get on the same page, together? I think so!

Introducing: The Four Forces of Enchantment

In my book The Brave Learner (psst: it's on sale on Amazon right now), I offer oodles of ideas for how to spark a learning adventure that leads to both happy, engaged kids and satisfied parents.

In the next "Tea with Julie" series, I'll cover the four forces of enchantment.


  • Surprise
  • Mystery
  • Risk
  • Adventure

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