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Homeschoolers want their children to have academic success. Children want to be happy. Let’s get these two desires together: learning that develops skill while creating joy. But how do parents nurture a love of learning amid childish chaos, parental self-doubt, the flu, and state academic standards?

The Brave Learner tackles this conundrum with humor and lots of help!

  • The 12 Superpowers of learning and how to use each one (practical ideas!)
  • How to create a cozy home designed to withstand the active learning adventure of your family
  • How your adult learning journey fuels your homeschool—and how to harness its power 

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  • Are you one of those readers who writes in the margins of a book?
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A big YES from me on both counts! That’s why I knew we needed lots of paper for writing and planning. That got me thinking… and the next thing you know, voila!

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